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Womanizer DUO Bordeaux

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*Rechargeable*No Batteries Required!

The Womanizer DUO is the perfect sensual companion for the discerning pleasure toy aficionado who refuses to settle for less than perfect. It combines the best of both worlds, a clitoral stimulator that indulges your lust using gentle changes in air pressure, and a vibrator that fills you completely. Equipped with the most powerful motor currently on the market and 10 surprising stimulation patterns that you can activate as desired, the vibrator provides intense G-Spot massage. The Womanizer Duo is more than a sex toy. It arouses a new, mind-blowing feelings. The clitoral stimulator is equipped with Smart Silence Technology, which means that the Womanizer Duo only starts up when it first comes into contact with the skin. It remains in standby mode until then, and goes back to standby mode when the Duo is removed from the body so you wont have to worry about annoying vibration sounds when the Duo is not in use or the battery draining too quickly. Speaking of, its completely USB rechargeable and can even be used in the shower. Made of premium silicone.